Vinod Melarkode

Vinod works as a facilitator and coach. His forte is developing frontline, mid & senior managers.

He loves to share his knowledge to the world through short 1-minute video nuggets. He ran a series called “the minute manager” addressing various self & leadership development topics which are available in his YouTube channel.

Vinod comes with a rich and diverse experience of 29 years, in technical, business & HR domains. Vinod has worked with Amdocs Development Centre LLP both in India & Cyprus (EU) for over 22 years. Before that, he worked with Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India & Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Vinod’s profile is unique due to rich experiences in both HR and business / technical domains. In his HR stint, as the Regional Head of Talent Management at Amdocs, he touched over 1000 leaders through impactful & scalable interventions while being responsible for Organization, Leadership & Learning Development. He facilitated mid and senior manager interventions for audience in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, and US.

In his business/technical stint, he headed the Data & Intelligence business unit during 2015 – 18 at Amdocs where he grew the group to double the professionals to 550+ while delivering profitable projects to over 20 global customers. He integrated employees from 2 mergers in his role as Engineering Director for Mobile Financial Services business unit.

Vinod’s research paper on “Exploratory Analysis of Gen Y & Z” was published in Journal of Psychosocial Research Vol 17 (Jul – Dec 2022 edition). He holds a Masters Degree in Human Psychology. He is a DDI certified facilitator and a Certified OD & N.E.W.S coach.

In his free time, Vinod likes to read English fiction, watch movies, enjoy music, and go on road-trips with his family and friends.