“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes & procedures”


We have learned directly from Shingijutsu Consulting, who started in 1987 by the founder, Mr. Yoshiki Iwata, an original member of a project team comprised of Toyota’s subsidiary companies. This Study Group first developed Toyota’s lean production practices (the KAIZEN system). The study activities enabled Mr. Iwata to contribute in establishing the Toyota Production System (TPS) as a primary student of Mr. Taiichi Ohno (an originator of the TPS concept).

Why Leap2Excel

  • Strong track record of transforming businesses
  • Extensive & diverse global industry experience
  • Customized solutions with flexible models
  • Execution ownership with extensive handholding
  • Functional Mentoring
  • Add value through collaborative & synergistic approach

Our Offerings

A KAIZEN Event or KAIZEN Blitz is an intense, coordinated effort— normally occurring over the course of “one week” —focused on achieving radical improvement of a single process or an operation within an organization, impacting the business bottom line.

We help our clients to deploy Lean / KAIZEN Thinking principles and practices to transform into a Lean enterprise that delivers high customer value.

With Lean Thinking, you will be able to enhance value for your customers by improving and smoothing the process flow and eliminating waste. Simply put, with Lean, you will be able to increase productivity and create greater customer value with less resource.

To achieve this goal, we will guide you to adopt KAIZEN thinking mindsets and behaviors as well as applying the KAIZEN methodologies and tools to optimize the end-to-end value streams that flow horizontally across the functions and systems.

Improving organizational responsiveness and speed by managing capacity constraints and reducing work-in-progress.

Implementing lean process improvement can become quite intense and detailed. However, the basic principles are simple and straightforward such as:

  • Focus on Customer
  • Observe how the work gets done
  • Remove inefficiencies and waste
  • Empower the people operating the process
  • Sustain- Improve- Sustain

The “First Time Right” or “Right First Time” (RFT) principle is a starting point to prevent errors by focusing on manufacturing processes: “Do it right the first time”. Each mistake made causes rework and also directly impacts on the level of customer satisfaction.
KAIZEN / Lean Thinking is aimed at reducing wastages by bringing back the number of steps that make up a process. Approach for Right First Time is based on Toyota Way’s Fifth principle: “Build a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get quality right the first time.”

Consistently achieving predictable outcomes, particularly when it comes to a company’s workflow and /or processes, is one of the most desired goals in KAIZEN / Lean management.
Generally, predictability within this context is a sign that your organization’s workforce and processes are standardized and efficient. Both workflows are operating reliably and delivering consistently without major delays or hiccups.
Here are few ways through you can achieve it: Monitor Performance and Focus on Continuous Improvement.