“Don’t Compete With Rivals – Make Them Irrelevant”

Strategic Management

  • It includes strategic analysis, strategic choice & strategy implementation.
  • Strategic analysis is concerned with understanding the strategic position of the organization in terms of its external environment, internal resources and competences, and the expectations and influence of stakeholders.
  • Strategic choice involves understanding the underlying bases guiding future strategy, generating strategic options for evaluation and selecting from them.
  • Strategy implementation is concerned with the translating strategy into actions through organizational structure & design, resource planning and the management of strategic change.

The Challenge

In spite of having good understanding of strategy & strategic management many companies and entrepreneurs have different questions in mind about the direction and choices.

  • Which markets to focus on?
  • Should we remain a local player or should we think PAN India?
  • Can we think of International markets?
  • Should we continue with the same products or should we add specific products or services?
  • Should we manufacture the products or should we outsource?
  • What should be our business model for the future? Should we think of JV, Merger or acquisition for growth?

Why Leap2Excel

  • Strong track record of transforming businesses
  • Extensive & diverse global industry experience
  • Customized solutions with flexible models
  • Execution ownership with extensive handholding
  • Functional Mentoring
  • Add value through collaborative & synergistic approach

Our Offerings

This is for the organizations which aspire for exponential growth in terms of revenue and profitability. The objective is to build a strategic road map with a clear focus on Organization structure & design, capability enhancement and resources planning. The process helps the organizations to look at the business opportunities and work around strategies related to product, market, distribution & operations.

There are organizations which consistently make losses and show negative growth in terms of revenue & profitability. They have dreams and intentions of making the organization profitable however fail to handle the internal & external challenges effectively. The objective is to build a turnaround strategy with a clear focus on environment scan, process improvement and resources planning. The process helps the organizations to build a business plan and implement strategies which will make them profitable.

Organizations have dreams of going global or having presence in international markets without realizing the challenges associated with it. The objective is to build a robust International business strategy with clarity on which markets to focus, what business model to follow and which product or service to offer. The process helps the organizations to understand the entry barriers and decide on how and when to enter.

Organizations have aspirations of expanding their operations from local level to state level, from state level to national level and then to international markets. The real challenge is to understand the market potential of each market, competition, distribution and ease of doing business. The objective is to build an expansion strategy with clarity on which markets, products, pricing, distribution and resources.