Customer & MARKET

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

Customer & Market

On the market front, it’s important for the organizations to have adequate market information which includes market potential, futuristic demand, growth drivers, competition, & understanding of government policies.

The strategy will help them to decide on the product, pricing, distribution, packaging, promotion & place. It will also help them to decide on the organization structure, resources & the business model.

The third & the most important dimension is Customer. The organizations need to understand the consumer behavior or the factors considered by them while making a buying decision. The customer-centric approach will help them convert maximum prospects to customers, retain them and ensure repeat business in the future.

The Challenge

In spite of having good understanding of market & customer many companies and entrepreneurs have different questions in mind about the direction and choices.

  • How to get the required market intelligence?
  • What should be our marketing strategy?
  • What should be our sales organization?
  • How to convert maximum prospects to customers?
  • How to build long term relationship with the clients?
  • Our products are similar to the competitors and there are hardly any differences

Why Leap2Excel

  • Strong track record of transforming businesses
  • Extensive & diverse global industry experience
  • Customized solutions with flexible models
  • Execution ownership with extensive handholding
  • Functional Mentoring
  • Add value through collaborative & synergistic approach

Our Offerings

This is a scientific process of collecting information related to markets, products & competition. The objective of market mapping is to understand the size of the market, futuristic demand and factors affecting the growth. Product mapping will help in understanding products available in the market with features and specifications and competition mapping will help understand the strategies adopted by the competition.

The objective of key account management is to build a long-term relationship with the clients contributing largely to the business. This initiative will help in establishing various processes with the key accounts to achieve an acceptable level of customer satisfaction for products & services.

The objective is to build a strategy on the basis of information collected by the market intelligence team related to product, pricing, promotion, distribution, & place. The approach is to decide on the actions which will help the organization grow and achieve the revenue and profitability targets.

There are many companies who are following distributor model for reaching the end customers. There is a clear dependency of these companies on the distributors for achieving sales, providing service and expanding operations at the market space. The biggest challenge is to keep these distributors motivated by aligning their own aspirations with the objectives of the company.

It is also a fact with most of the companies, 80 % of the business is done by top 20% of the distributors and the balance is managed by the remaining. This makes all the more important for the companies to work closely with performing as well as non performing distributors.

The approach is to look at the adaptive as well as technical challenges faced by the distributors and provide solutions to overcome them.

This workshop is designed with an objective of enhancing skills of the sales team to achieve higher level of conversion. It is important for the sales team to understand the sales process, selling techniques, technical & commercial terms, & negotiation process. This workshop provides a platform to the sales team where they can participate & learn various aspects of selling & negotiations.