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Aditya was feeling frustrated. He had joined as CEO of a medium-sized Indian organisation about 4 months ago; he had spent more than 15 years in an MNC environment before that. Aditya, in his current team, had senior functional managers reporting to him from Marketing, Finance, Sales and Logistics, who had been with the organisation for a long time.

As Entrepreneurs and Owners of a business, we deal with a very wide spectrum of things. In a small business, the entrepreneur may engage with almost all activities right from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, and sale of products, or providing services, people matters, a collection of money and payment to suppliers and so on.

Organizations started preparing themselves for the shift from domestic to international, international to global and then to transnational companies.

When organizations look to fill key positions at managerial and higher levels, the natural options are to look at both external candidates and internal candidates.